Saturday, April 01, 2017

Tornado season for 2017 started at the beginning of the year and has not relented.

It isn't as if the New York was celebrated in Times Square and the NEW tornado season began. there were tornadoes thoughout 2016 including two on Christmas Day (click here)

March 27, 2017
By Joe Kopecek

The biggest reason (click here) for the early start to the tornado season is the warmer than average temperatures across the country. One of the ingredients for severe weather is warm and humid air. We have had plenty of that for so early in the season....

This is the climate crisis and finally FOX News is reporting it accurately.

This is the second year there have been tornadoes throughout the year. This is the climate crisis and it is real. There is no reason to think the USA is helpless to stop the escalation of seriously dangerous weather. We can and we should. 

March 31, 2017

The severe weather that hit the city Wednesday (click here) caused five tornadoes to touch down in Houston and surrounding areas, according to the National Weather Service.

Survey teams canvassed areas on Thursday to investigate the damage. A tornado touched down near Bellaire at an apartment complex on Bissonnet near Renwick, Dan Reilly of the National Weather Service said. The EF-1  tornado that ripped through the apartment complex Wednesday was 50 yards wide and had wind speeds between 86 mph to 110 mph. 

Surveyors rate tornado damage based on the Enhanced Fujita scale. The scale is broken up into six categories, starting at EF-0 for tornadoes that cause minor damage and end with the most severe tornado, an  EF-5....

There were deaths in the USA from these tornadoes. NOAA reported 20 fatalities last year.

2017 Fatalities by State:
MS:4 GA:16 
2017 Fatalities by Circumstance:
In Home:4 In Manufactured Home:15 Outside:0 In Building:0 In Vehicle:0 Unknown:1

Note 1: Killer tornadoes that cross state boundaries with deaths in both states are listed twice but counted once.
Note 2: The SPC online watch archive exists from 2004 to the current year.