Saturday, April 01, 2017

I am very interested in those executive orders.

March 31, 2017
Bu Salvador Hernandez

...The two orders (click here) targeted trade deficits, a topic that Trump promised to tackle repeatedly throughout his campaign.

One was designed to identify trade deficits by country and by product, while the other aims to increase the collection of duties and imports....

Both these issues are very important and should have attention. The collection of monies to the treasury is important and identifying where American products can help other countries in a trade relationship matters.

There are significant issues surrounding the White House, I guess President Trump doesn't like being grilled over topics he cannot and will not comment on.

I understand the journalist and while it was perceived as a distasteful moment by President Trump, there is a chance he could have said something meaningful and it would have been a missed opportunity otherwise.

I have long stated the USA does not need a huge trade bill to achieve meaningful trading relationships. If the USA builds trade relationships country by country, the balance will be much better. It is my estimation, in such country by country trade negotiations there will be a growing middle class in other countries while jobs are protected at home. There is nothing wrong with that and a lot right with it.

I strongly believe country by country negotiations on trade is the correct method of conducting relationships. NAFTA and the others are simply convenience documents for Wall Street. They achieve no real balance in trade and countries build deficits that are not necessary.

In the case of China, it's communist government allowed Wall Street free access to a cheap labor force. Some say that was necessary to begin the economic growth of a country that now have rockets into space and also a nuclear arsenal. The Chinese people, in my opinion, have been used and depersonalized by their oligarchs. Dehumanization is a human rights violation. There is nothing wrong with people working for a living, everyone in the USA understands that; but; to employ people for minuscule wages is as though they are not receiving anything at all.

As a consequence for China's open door policy and the unrecognized "Greed Merchants" by the Chinese government the country has suffered unnecessarily by an over extended Wall Street. Factories were built and never used. People were expected to be hired that never were. There were no government protections for the Chinese people OR their export market. The huge manufacturing economy by Wall Street happened to fast. There were consequences for the Chinese people, their customers and the Chinese government. It was too much, too fast.

Today, the Chinese government is smarter and more motivated into sophistication. They now value human health in a way that benefits the Chinese people and their children. Their export quality matters to them. They now value environmental dangers and seek to contain them and redirect polluting habits allowed by an absent government. China has taken quality of life issues, human rights abuses seriously and it shows. THAT should have happened right from the beginning, the same with Mexico, in measured trade agreements that were a benefit and not an exploitation.

That is what I hope the executive orders begin to achieve for the USA. I hope there is a huge step back from exploitation to measured approaches for national security and a vibrant economic engine that is attractive to trade agreements, especially for local foreign and domestic governments seeking to have a broader market place.