Wednesday, April 05, 2017

St. Petersburg is so far west it is almost a European attack and should be scrutinized by NATO.

April 5, 2017
By Ilyq Arkhipov

The bomb (click here) that killed 14 in the St. Petersburg subway Monday capped the worst start of a year for terrorism inside Russia since December 2013, according to data from a Moscow analytical group, suggesting the lull seen in recent years could be coming to an end.

“The increase in terrorist activity that we started to see already in 2016 is gathering momentum in 2017,” said Grigory Shvedov, head of Caucasian Knot, which has been collecting the data since 2010 and will present the latest findings on Thursday in Moscow. “The increase of violence in the North Caucasus and growing effectiveness of militants results both from them returning from Syria and the fact that many extremists aren’t going there at all and are staying in Russia.”

About 4,000 militants from Russia are still fighting with Islamic State in Syria, according to government data. Russian leaders have warned of the risk the militants will return to stage attacks at home. In December 2015, President Vladimir Putin said his military would destroy them in Syria to stop that from happening....

Although, there is this:

1 April 2017

Akhmed Balkarov, Ruslan Kipshiev, and Ruslan Zhugov, (click hereaccused in the case of an attempt to create a caliphate in Kabardino-Balkaria, have retracted at the trial their confessions and claimed that they made them under torture, to which they were subjected after being detained by law enforcers....

In August 2016, in Rostov-on-Don, the court started consideration of the case against ten residents of Kabardino-Balkaria. According to the investigators, all 10 defendants of the criminal case were members of an illegal armed formation (IAF), whose goal was to change the constitutional system and establish a caliphate with a Sharia form of government in Kabardino-Balkaria.

...Defendant Ruslan Kipshiev has refused to testify. He has claimed that he does not admit his guilt in any part, that he "did not give such a confession and did not sign it on his own will."
Timur Lakunov, an advocate of Ruslan Kipshiev, has requested the Court to read out two interrogation protocols in which his client stated that he did not admit his guilt and called the earlier confession made "under the influence of law enforcers." "Even if I wanted to change the constitutional order, I could not do that," the defendant allegedly states in the document.
Ruslan Zhugov has also claimed that he pleads not guilty....
Daesh is a global charismatic movement and this is more proof. Below is a very well done assessment of Daesh.

27 November 2017

What I find most interesting about the picture to the right are the long beards.

Reminds me of Phil, that manly look. "I am man, you are woman. Ugha, Ugha."

The organization "Islamic State" (click here) was created on October 15, 2006, as a result of the merger of 11 radical Sunni groupings. At the same time, they adopted a draft "Constitution" entitled "Notice to Mankind about Birth of Islamic State". Until 2013, its name was "Islamic State of Iraq" (ISI). The organization set a target to capture the Sunni part of Iraq and turn it into a militarized Islamic Sunni state, as soon as the forces of the international coalition led by the USA, left Iraq.
On April 9, 2013, the grouping named "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL) was formed with the aim to establish an Islamic Emirate in the territory of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. The Levant is a historical region in the eastern Mediterranean, which covers the territory of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Turkey and Cyprus.
Starting June 2014, ISIL launched an attack on several areas of Northern Iraq by organizing a large-scale offensive in Sunni provinces. By October 2014, ISIL occupied one-third of Iraq.
The terrorist organization is made up of the militants who once fought against US forces during their stay in Iraq, and against the forces of the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

By September 2014, according to the estimates of the CIA (US Central Intelligence Agency), the membership of the grouping reached some 20,000-31,500 persons. The IS troops include Mujahideens from 80 countries, including France, UK, Germany, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada and Russia....
There is an infographics (click here) zero victims of terrorism in the rebel regions of Russia.

2010-2015, (click here)
based on its own data and open sources information. By clicking each figure, you can see distribution of casualties in the center of the circle, divided by categories such as security forces, militants, and civilians.

Russia is providing open source information? Interesting.