Friday, April 14, 2017

It isn't really the White House visitor logs that is of interest, right? Trump is never there.

April 14, 2017

The Trump administration (click here) will not voluntarily disclose logs of visitors to the White House complex, it announced Friday, breaking with the practice started under former President Obama. 
The White House cited “the grave national security risks and privacy concerns” of people who visit the White House, according to Time. Officials said that keeping the visitor logs private is necessary to protect President Trump’s ability to seek advice from people “with some discretion.” 
A limited number of records of visitors to White House departments, such as the Office of Management and Budget, will be accessible through Freedom of Information Act requests. But most will not, including those that apply to the president and his senior staff....

Is the official visits to Maralago considered White House visits? If so, then the information should be forthcoming under the freedom of information act.

Trump is screaming national security. Even the bin Laden memo was redacted. How much security legitimizes such actions by the Oval Office. They are logs, not documents.