Sunday, April 23, 2017

It is time to discuss agriculture as it pertains to GHG emissions. But, agriculture does not stand alone. It provides the food for millions if not billions of people on any given day, so it is a vitally important aspect of American life. That doesn't mean we cannot improve where possible, but, agriculture is sort of like the military; I am always proud when they prioritize Earth because it isn't easy for them to achieve. It is why we have to do better in other areas of the USA economy and quality of life.

In listing the hurricane seasons, it is obvious what happened. The emissions from industry (commercial jets included) and personal transportation erupted and now we are seeing the price to pay for allowing such extreme amounts of emissions into Earth's troposphere.

It is obvious from the hurricane maps that as more people lived in the USA the stronger the storms became and as the addition of emissions from consumerism occurred the number of hurricanes simply skyrocketed. The hurricanes drove heat into the oceans and the glaciers and ice caps are taking a beating from the heat. 

In the 2006 hurricane season the nature of the storms changed and there began to be near shore storms that never existed before. Since then Earth has eliminated boundaries to tornado and hurricane seasons. 

It think it is obvious how hot Earth has become.