Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Here we go again.

Financial reform via Goldman. When will Republicans have a 12 step program that works?

What would I look for this time? 


How to write the TPP permanently into financial reform.

The only thing sincere Americans need to know is governance and protection of local economies. We are doing fairly well on that, I think. But, Wall Street wants control of that money 💰. There is over reach of government in there somewhere.

I know the bill is corrupt when financial reform is brought forward while there is a huddle about war going on.

Here is real genius. Scott Walker is asking Medicaid recipients to pay a monthly fee and there will be a limit of four years enrollment. The idea is that if a recipient gets used to paying the state they will develop behaviors over four years that translates into "good behaviors" and not "bad behaviors." Tell that to a senior citizen on a limited income. Also, if recipients have "skin in the game" they will be more interested in controlling costs. Here is one of the first steps to the Republican 12 Step Financial Program.