Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Any ideas about the potential location of lost hikers in the Grand Canyon? This ever happen before?

April 26, 2017
Chilling final images of a grandmother and her step-grandson (click here) have been posted after the teen's GoPro was recovered by search and rescue.
Lou-Ann Merrell, 62, and Jackson Standefer, 14, were hiking in the Grand Canyon on Saturday, April 15 when the pair lost their footing while trying to cross a creek during a family trip in a remote part of the northern Arizona park. They were swept away by the water.
An intense search was then initiated for the pair, which included three ground teams consisting of about 20 people total, a National Park Service helicopter, a drone and an inflatable motor raft that was flown into the canyon....
...But the search in Grand Canyon National Park has since been scaled back, with a park spokeswoman saying the searchers on the ground won't be used because they've now checked all areas that they can reach on foot.
The search will continue with the helicopter, drone and motorised inflatable raft....