Saturday, March 18, 2017

This is a nightmare.

A North Korean soldier (click here) tried to take a photo through a window while US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited a facility in the village of Panmunjom, which separates the two Koreas.

I don't care if the North Korean soldier was sending the pictures to his Aunt Tilley, it should not have happened. This is NOT security, national or otherwise!

March 18, 2017
By David E. Sanger

Seoul — Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (click here) ruled out on Friday opening any negotiation with North Korea to freeze its nuclear and missile programs and said for the first time that the Trump administration might be forced to take preemptive action “if they elevate the threat of their weapons program” to an unacceptable level.

Tillerson’s comments in Seoul, a day before he travels to Beijing to meet Chinese leaders, explicitly rejected any return to the bargaining table in an effort to buy time by halting North Korea’s accelerating testing program....