Saturday, March 18, 2017

From the Brennan Center for Justice:

"Countering Violent Extremism"
By Faiza Patel, Meghan Koushik

Executive Summary (click here)
President Donald Trump’s animosity towards Muslims is well documented. During his campaign, he often expressed suspicions about American Muslims, called for greater surveillance of their mosques and communities, and refused to rule out forced registration of Muslims in government databases. Within a week of taking office, he fulfilled his campaign promise to institute a "Muslim ban," issuing an executive order temporarily barring people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States and halting the Syrian refugee program. Two federal courts halted implementation of the order, relying in part on his calling for a ban on Muslims entering the country. Trump transition officials have also signaled the administration's intent to target American Muslims in other ways. They have floated the idea of renaming the Department of Homeland Security's Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program “Countering Radical Islam or Countering Violent Jihad,” to make clear it will target only American Muslims. Reports suggest that such a change is imminent. New DHS Secretary John Kelly is conducting a review of the program which will determine its final contours. Four groups previously awarded over $2.2 million in federal dollars to work on CVE projects aimed at Muslim communities worried by the new administration's statements have stated that they will decline the funds, and others may follow suit.

Regardless of whether CVE is called Countering Violent Islam or not, the programs initiated under this rubric by the Obama administration — while couched in neutral terms — have, in practice, focused almost exclusively on American Muslim communities. This is despite the fact that empirical data shows that violence from far right movements results in at least as many fatalities in the U.S. as attacks inspired by Al Qaeda or the Islamic State....

The question bears brevity, in that the right wing is now in the White House and the fact they are violent and controlling should be of concern to every American. What happens now that the most violent faction in the USA is now in the Oval Office?

The National Guard turned on the students of Kent State. Get ready.

The peace and civil rights movements within the USA have always been the most non-violent methods of "Freedom of Speech" and there are always deaths within the ranks of civilians.

There were snipers on rooftops with Bush.

The deaths do not happen in the beginning....they always happen after society (The Silent Majority) is demented by the media.


The White Supremacist President of the USA has now attacked the character of President Barak Obama, the first minority president of the USA. 

Think about the symbolism globally that takes. The USA is not the only people Trump is prompting.

March 17, 2017
By Michael Price

In case you’re wondering, (click here) microwaves can’t take pictures of you. For starters, they don’t have cameras. But—and I can’t believe I’m writing this—Kellyanne Conway earlier this week was right to raise concerns about the security of “smart” devices connected to the Internet, even if it was an attempt to distract from President Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that President Obama had “wiretapped” Trump Tower.

Had Conway said she was worried about her dishwasher instead of her microwave, she might’ve been on to something. Back in 2012, a Wired headline read, “CIA Chief: We’ll Spy On You Through Your Dishwasher,” describing the clandestine agency’s very real plans to hack the “Internet of Things.” And as we now know, the CIA did find a way to turn Samsung “smart” TVs into covert listening devices....

Americans believe in "FAIRNESS." Fairness America Style is under attack by the Trump administration. These words by Conway (a woman and soft target) are crying about fairness that she does not deserve.

Conway is attempting to move the Russian issue to a back burner to replace it with surveillance of a candidate that had not received the benefit of a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) hearing. That taps directly into the American underlying anger with surveillance by the government.

Americans can and should listen with better ears. They not only have to listen to words, they have to listen to their gut. What are those words causing when hearing them? DO NOT become robots to propaganda.

Tapper's interview would go on to state the issue with Russia and President Obama are two different issues. That is true. Russia is a national security issue and any UNAUTHORIZED SPYING by the USA government on a citizen is about privacy and personal safety and security.

I wish someone would ask the question, "Can the President of the USA give an order as Commander and Chief to spy on an or many Americans?"