Thursday, March 16, 2017

Putin would pick a weak link to entertain and bring on board.

Michael Flynn is a security risk for the USA. How much did he compromise the USA?

What did he think he was doing?

Former national security (click here) adviser Michael Flynn, right, shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in Moscow on Dec. 10, 2015, while attending the 10th anniversary of the Russian television network RT.

Isn't there some type of document from the USA military prohibiting this sort of thing? Anyone in power cannot simply leave the government and lobby. There is a two year waiting time (click here) before a former official can lobby for an industry or particular company.

The lobbying laws would apply to Flynn because he sat on joint committees with Congress.

...Personal Lifetime Ban (click here)

Simplified Rule: After you leave Government service, you may not represent someone else to the Government regarding particular matters that you worked on while in Government service.

Rule: Former service members may not knowingly make a communication or appearance on behalf of any other person, with the intent to influence, before any officer or employee of any Federal agency or court in connection with a particular matter in which the officer or employee personally and substantially participated, which involved a specific party at the time of the participation and representation, and in which the U.S. is a party or has a direct and substantial interest.

NOTE: This rule does not apply to former military enlisted personnel.

Official Responsibility 2 Year Ban

Simplified Rule: For 2 years after leaving Government service, you may not represent someone else to the Government regarding particular matters that you did not work on yourself, but were pending under your responsibility during your last year of Government service.

It seems as though Mr. Flynn is headed for some charges and court.

April 30, 2014
By Robert Burns

Washington (AP) — The three-star Army general (click here) who has headed the Defense Intelligence Agency for less than two years is being nudged aside amid conflict within the agency and between the general and leaders elsewhere in the intelligence community, a senior defense official said Wednesday.

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and the DIA's civilian deputy director, David Shedd, announced in a joint statement to the agency's workforce that they plan to retire by early fall. They made no reference to their reasons.

A senior defense official said Flynn had already been considering retirement but was encouraged to leave early as a result of friction linked in part to Flynn's aggressive efforts to shake up the way the DIA does business. The official spoke about the circumstances of Flynn's departure on condition of anonymity in order to discuss internal matters.
The official said Shedd's departure is unrelated to the conflict surrounding Flynn's leadership.
In their joint statement to DIA workers, Flynn and Shedd said they were pleased with the changes that had occurred on their watch.
"We are proud of the legacy of sustained superb performance of the thousands of men and women we have served alongside throughout these many years," they said....

This is more than a little troubling. Putin has an agenda. He has been wooing Flynn and is more than happy Flynn is disgruntled with USA intelligence. Then Trump comes along and is sucked into a relationship with Putin and Russia for the sake of business. Trump stated, "The USA and Russia are going to escalate their nuclear programs to teach every other country the power of nuclear weapons to end all potential conflict with nuclear weapons." That is a joke. No one needs to understand the power of nuclear weapons.

The reason Third World countries have engaged in nuclear weapon production was to be as much a deterrent to invasion than countries such as the USA and Russia. The only way to end nuclear war is to end the production of nuclear weapons.

There is an agenda somewhere and I am guessing it is to control the cyber ability of the USA military and it's ability to interrupt nuclear weapon production and launches.

The USA has been compromised and if Flynn wants to save his butt he better come forward to discuss all his activities with Russia and what Trump knows that could have been provided to Russia for the sake of friendship and profits. Tillerson better end any and all attempts to be chummy buddies with Russia.

See, the issue should be easily solved in that all Americans should be interested in the sovereignty and safety of their country. So, Flynn and Tillerson and the rest of the Trump entourage should be more than happy to spill their guts of accidental slips of the tongue. But, that is not going to happen because of the "wealth agenda." Tillerson did not become Secretary of State to enjoy cocktail parties and stay in old sanitariums to expand his understanding of government accommodations. These bozos on the Trump cabinet are there for reasons of profit. If the DOD throws an obstruction in the way of profits people like Tillerson are not going to be happy OR comply. 

Russia has an agenda. Tillerson and Trump have agendas. The way Russia fulfills it's agenda is to throw money and business at the greedy plutocrats of the USA. In turn, those in receipt of FAVORS allow national security slip a little to bring about a so called good resolve to any discussion. The "good result" does not necessarily depend on USA sovereignty.

The agendas are running the show, not the conscience of high level government officials. I strongly suggest the Joint Chiefs pull in their boundaries and secure their military before it is too late.

So the military had a bad egg. It happens. The USA military needs to move beyond it and let a clean up team take care of Flynn and potentially others. The USA has been compromised and the question is how much. Don't wait for trials. Don't wait for cooperation. Get it done now!