Wednesday, March 29, 2017

It is threatening to think a single citizen of the USA can act irresponsibility toward others. The Trump administration is irresponsible and obsessed with their populous extremist agenda.

The US EPA does not have an extremist agenda. Trump is propaganda. There is only one way to stop toxic levels of CO2 that create acid that destroys life, destroys jobs, destroys a food supply, destroys economies and that is to stop emitting carbon dioxide.

Oddly, on a global scale, China is taking the lead on the climate. It has recently shutdown a significant amount of it's coal mines and laid off many workers that will eventually be retrained and reassigned to other areas of work. China has become conscience of climate and it's relation to quality of life. 

The interesting aspect of China and it's new leadership on Climate is the extent to which it has positioned itself globally. Most countries on Earth have a relationship with China. China can now act to improve the quality of life and air of other countries. China has literally stepped up to take over the USA's moral authority.

The USA has really stupid people in leadership at the federal level right now.

NO, I am not crying. 

I am sure if Rachel Carson was still alive she would simply state, "There is no crying within the environmental community. We can't help it we are the smart guys."

Rachel Carson achieved magnificent work by writing, talking and educating the public. There are no shortage of USA citizens that can do it all over again.