Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Governance is not about currency, it is about people.

The focus of governance of previous generations has always been to support Wall Street no matter the price to citizens. That is not governance, that is corruption. Government officials obsessing over currency and needed balance between citizen rights and Wall Street profits is nonsense.

Citizens of any country are to come first. Quality of life comes first. We tried it the other way and it doesn't work. The few receiving vast incomes don't act responsibly with their monies or business interests. Those receiving vast incomes act in producing more vast incomes from elaborate financial instruments. THEY GAMBLE.

Pound vs Sterling (click here)

Everyone is familiar with the currency of the United Kingdom which is more commonly known as the pound. Sometimes, however, the word “sterling” is used to describe the UK currency. Are these two different things? Pound and sterling are used interchangeably in the United Kingdom, but is there really a difference between these two words used for the currency denomination?...

Brexit is causing turbulence in the currency markets today.


Products produced in Great Britain will not be effected by currency fluctuations. A sterling is a sterling is a sterling. The real impact will be trade. That is primarily where currency markets always have their impact.

Currency is a sovereign entity of a sovereign country. Fluctuations are as old as money itself. Fluctuations occur. The financial markets will probably mark losses, but, perhaps not. 

"The tail doesn't have to wag the dog." Local economies are more resistance to fluctuations.


GDP is about national credit and can effect it's rating from FINANCIAL INSTITUTES.