Sunday, March 12, 2017

Americans need to understand what demoralize means.

  1. :  to cause to turn aside or away from what is good or true or morally right :  to corrupt the morals of
  2. 2a :  to weaken the morale of :  discourage, dispirit; were demoralized by the loss...foreclosures were further demoralizing an already desperate real-estate market — F. D. Rooseveltc :  to throw into disorder
  3. b :  to upset or destroy the normal functioning of
Donald Trump is definitely attempting to demoralize the people of the USA.

Demoralizing allows other influence to set in if hopeless sets in because of it.

There were demoralizing influences during Bush as well. I remember Nicholas Kristof's editorial that basically stated, "You have to go along to get along." Hogwash. Americans have many friends that are from a country that is NOT demoralized and it is they that can add to a stronger resolve for those that are targets of the Trump administration.

I want to point to a realization I came to while watching the Academy Award winning documentary, "White Helmets" (click here). It is a case of demoralizing the opposition.

I could never understand the bombings of hospitals in Syria. It is a human rights offense and the idea Syria's people were not safe in hospitals bewildered me.

I now realize why the attacks occurred on Syrian hospitals. It was to demoralize the heroes called, "White Helmets." 

Think about it. Here a group of many ethnicity and possibly both Sunni and Shi'ite have come together to save the lives of people caught in the rubble after bombing runs. When the people, primarily civilians, were rescued they were most likely to be taken to a hospital to treat wounds. 


When the hospitals became targets it was to demoralize the "White Helmets." They never became that despondent to give up all hope. A week old baby saved from death told them their mission was correct and required.

That is demoralization which attempts to remove hope and purpose. It is intended to remove morality as citizens know it and replace it with injustice and victimization. Demoralization will turn the strongest opponent into the weakest victim. We cannot allow that to happen.