Sunday, March 12, 2017

There is still fires roaring in the USA. You would think this would be the focus of federal legislators, but, alas playing politics with the American people are more importan.

Click here for the interactive map to the right. (Thank you) Click on the small icons to found out if your house is burning or simply burned to the ground.

March 10, 2017
By John Asebes

During the record setting fires in Kansas (click here) this past week, crews from surrounding communities lent their resources to help battle the flames.

“I have taken pictures at a lot of grass fires but none that big.”
Through the eyes of a firefighter.
“You look at the pictures and realize how much damage was done,” says Garry Brownlee.
Garry Brownlee shot these images of a fire that left more than 500,000 acres torched in Clark and Comanche counties.
“Our crews worked on one major fire line almost all night long. The fire line was approximately 2 and a half 3 miles long. The wind was blowing terrible. It moved quick.”...

Once the name is found in the map above the incident can be looked up here. (click here) Yep, Texas and Oklahoma are still burning. It can be hard on people.