Saturday, February 25, 2017

"...We do not discriminate in this country based on religion." WE DO NOW.

There is a dynamic to this that can't be ignored and that is loyalty. This is the first time there has been a White Supremacist in the White House to the point of having his staff reflect those values. 

White Supremacists have been organized for a long time. There was no President or Congress for them, they simply are loyal to their ideology. That is partly what carried Trump into the White House. They blindly followed the ideology without regard to any other reality. That could occur in the country, with the ideology unleashed with an obvious figure head in Bannon, that is a fantastic realization for them.

So, in the case of Muhammad Ali, Jr. was this loyalty or simply lack of knowledge to the issue of the Trump ban?

February 24, 2017
By Chuck Strouse and Jerry Ianneli

Muhammad Ali Jr., (click here) the son of Muhammad Ali, was on his way back from Montego Bay, Jamaica, with his mother and Ali's first wife, Khalilah, when immigration officers detained him. Khalilah showed officers a picture of herself with her ex-husband, who died last June 3, so she was not detained. Ali Jr. had no such photo.

"This is an outrage," says Chris Mancini, a former federal prosecutor and friend of the family. "I don't know what is going on with Mr. Trump's claim that his ban is not religion-based. We do not discriminate in this country based on religion."

Ali Jr., age 44, had no criminal record and carries a United States passport, Mancini says. He recently moved to Deerfield Beach to live with his mother. Last year, Ali Jr. received a large share of his father's multimillion-dollar fortune....

...Mancini says the detention is an instance where a ban proposed by the Trump administration and overturned by both a trial court and an appeals court is nevertheless being enforced.