Thursday, February 02, 2017

Our ally, Australia is magnificent. It has been working with Indonesia, a Muslim country for a long time.

Donald Trump is a jerk with a capital J. Australia is a continent and not only a country. It has the most impressive display of democracy than most other countries. The people are magnificent and the USA is lucky to have them as allies. They stood by the USA in every effort to control terrorism and now Australia is a leader. It is impressive. Indonesia is never discussed as a financial center, but, it is a huge global financial center. 

Australia puts the USA to shame in working with Muslim countries to bring about peace to the southern hemisphere. The USA should be taking example.

2 February 2017

Indonesia and Australia (click here) have reached an agreement to fight terrorist groups by blocking their financial resources amid concerns in both countries that supporters of Daesh may be planning new terror attacks there.

During a Thursday meeting in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, senior officials from the two countries vowed to halt the flow of money used to fund terror attacks and inked an agreement in that regard.

“We know that one of the most effective ways to combat the surge of terrorism is to attack the funding and the movement of money,” Australian Attorney-General George Brandis told reporters after holding talks with Indonesian Chief Security Minister Wiranto.

Wiranto said the two officials’ discussions had focused on “how we can choke off funding routes” to terrorists.

The neighboring countries have been hit by a series of terrorist attacks. Both have also foiled plans inspired the Takfiri Daesh group, mainly active in Iraq and Syria.

Some of the Daesh militants, especially those hailing from Indonesia, are suspected of sending money home to finance terrorist activities.

Meanwhile, there have been indications that money to fund terrorist activities has been flowing between Indonesia and Australia....