Thursday, February 02, 2017

The United States was not interested in displacing a highly qualified candidate for President. Trump was Russia's choice because he is a weak president.

Kaspersky is a highly regarded security firm in the USA. The civilian arrested in Russia should be returned to the USA.

February 1, 2017
By Svetlana Reiter

Russian authorities (click here) have charged two officers in the Federal Security Service and an employee of cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab with committing treason in the interests of the United States, a lawyer representing one of the three said.

Ivan Pavlov identified the three as Ruslan Stoyanov, head of Kaspersky's computer incidents investigation team, and two officers working for the FSB's Information Security Centre, Sergei Mikhailov and Dmitry Dokuchayev.

"My client, along with the others, has been charged with state treason and cooperating with U.S. intelligence services," Ivan Pavlov told Reuters.

The arrests were made at a time of heightened tensions between Washington and Moscow after U.S. intelligence officials accused Russian hackers of sabotaging last year's U.S. election in favour of President Donald Trump....