Thursday, January 12, 2017

This is a note that has been sent to a local congregation of Jewish citizens. The names of all have been changed.

...I want to share with you all that there is a heightened occurrences of bomb threats to Jewish community centers all over the country. All Jewish institutions received a note from the ADL with recommendations to insure security for our communities. One of the changes that we are going to incorporate on our Friday night services is that we will ask of you to use ONLY the Smith Street door. We are going to keep the Jones Street door locked during Friday night services and if you arrive a half hour after the service begins and the door is locked , please just ring the bell and Adam or Eve will let you in. Thank you for your understanding.

Wow! What an event we have waiting for our congregation this coming Shabbat. Smith, Jones, Aldie, Abraham and Jack are ready to be called to the Torah. We are expecting close to 200 people as no one wants to miss the abundance of joy that will fill our beautiful sanctuary on this joyous Shabbat. My prayer is that our Fab Five be sure to savor and enjoy the fruits of their hard earned success.

This is the terror that is circulating through the country because of the rise of White Supremacists.

How did we get here?