Wednesday, January 25, 2017

There isn't anything to comment about in regard to this new administration in Washington, DC. It is up to the Democrats to continue to bring information before the public. The DNC needs to reach low information voters. They are not unreasonable people. 

Someone who was dead set on voting for Trump stated at one point in the election, he was reconsidering his vote for Trump because he would not make a good diplomat. The low information voter was finally seeing the real purpose of the presidency and realized Trump did not fit the qualifications. The problem occurred when Comey subterfuged the Clinton campaign so late in the process. The problem was not achieving an educated public, it was all the other shenanigans that upended Secretary Clinton's election.

But, the mess that is the Trump administration is doing nothing more than bringing up old news and attempting to make it new again. It is pretending there is new power for the people with Trump. Not. It is nothing more than campaigning with government money. Why? Because there isn't anything for Trump to do. The employment rate hasn't been better, the deficit is the smallest in decades, the majority of American troops are out of Iraq and Trump has already handed over Syria to Russia.

There isn't anything to write about except the entry I made today regarding Palestine. Palestine has to bring the people now responsible for more aggression of taking land before the World Court. It has to be made clear there are people that are committing genocide, both cultural and otherwise, against the Palestinians. 

It is hideous to believe Israel will reward Palestine when the violence from Gaza stops. That is not what should be demanded. The West Bank should be secure, peaceful, with orchards of olives, happy farmers, educated children without fear of any settlement invasion. In that would be the perfect lesson for Gaza. When Gaza educates its children as the West Bank does and elevates their land to farms with happy farmers then Gaza will be at peace as well and have quality of life. THAT is the method forward to end the violence with Gaza, not allowing the West Bank as an example to increase the violence out of Gaza. 

Israel is inciting violence by it's mistreatment of the West Bank. At the rate the West Bank is being razed for Israeli settlements, it might be Gaza will be the only land the Palestinians can call a homeland.

But, from my perspective there isn't anything to write about. It is all old news unless someone wants me to count bodies daily of those succumbed to the climate crisis. I suppose I could do that.