Wednesday, January 18, 2017

There are many hideously unconstitutional laws in the country and NC has more than it's fair share.

In Michigan, if a person receives food stamps (known in the state as "Bridges") purchases a can of soda (known as "pop" in Michigan) then pours it out all over the ground, returns to the store with the empty can for a refund on the deposit, that is considered breaking the law.

In Michigan, it is believed "drunks" use their MI Bridges card to purchase items with deposits on them, empty them and then use the monies received from the deposit to purchase a bottle of wine or a can of beer or more than that some kind of liquor. 

Amazing. By simply owning a "MI Bridges" card whether in use or not for receiving food stamps and one pours out the contents of a "container with a deposit" the police can arrest you. The idiocy in all that is rather remarkable. 

January 17, 2017
Wilmington -- A Wilmington woman (click here) expressed concern Tuesday about a city ordinance she told council members could be applied selectively to quell dissent.
Anne Russell was questioning Chapter 6, Section 13F of Wilmington City Code, which states members of a picket or similar protest must remain 15 feet apart during a march. Organizers of Saturday's planned Wilmington Women's March, which Russell plans to attend, learned of the ordinance after applying for permits for the event....
In North Carolina there exists a state law about human trafficking that casts such a wide net, anyone,...let's say someone other than Christian..., can be arrested on the slightest indication of SLAVERY. The legal society of North Carolina debated the law for over a year until it was passed in 2013 and still today the majority of lawyers state, "It is a bad law." It has few resemblances to the federal law.
But, true to form, here comes another idiotic law that requires SPECIFIC BEHAVIORS or be arrested.
..."(I) strongly suggest you re-word it because it seems to be an ordinance that can be used very selectively, if you gather what I'm implying," Russell told council....
I think former Governor McCrory gave lessons on how to write laws that ensnare the innocent simply because it can.
Across states with Republican majorities there are may laws passed that ensnare the average citizen if exhibiting or not exhibiting a certain behavior. I thought the Republicans were for less government and not more.
Oh, wait.
Republicans are for less government when profits are behind a regulation regardless of how reckless the profits are, BUT, when it comes to the RIGHTS of citizens that don't act as they should anything goes.
At a time when President Obama has ended the use of private federal prisons, it would seem the states with Republican majorities are finding more and more reason to arrest, jail and imprison citizens. Of course, the citizen be they guilty or not, pays the bills associated with their misdirection of behavior, etc., so why not add law after law that brings dysfunction to a life while the government profits?

Of course, this law in Wilmington is to intimidate participants so the idea of protesting is no longer a practical one.

The oppressive law works, too. The unconstitutional aspect of the law falls under the First Amendment which allows flag burning; FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!

January 17, 2017
By Hunter Ingram
...Although it retains the name of the Women’s March, (click here) the event will -- for logistical and permit reasons -- largely remain stationary on the four corners of Third and Princess streets. Some participants may march around the block if they choose.
Norton said the idea is for participants to bring signs and peacefully share their messages of solidarity and equal rights, while also communicating with their like-minded neighbors.
She said she has received messages from locals who said they planned to attend the D.C. march, but scrapped the plans in favor of the Wilmington event....

Oh, one other thing about the dumping of a container's contents to retrieve the deposit; if the owner of the legally purchased container wants the deposit back without being arrested, JUST DRINK THE CONTENTS!!!!!!!!!!

That is good sound advise that will work and it is free!