Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Trump presidency is throwing out all precedent, all history and operating a 'take over' of the USA government.

It is a coupe. There is no respect for our country by this administration and it is being viewed as an asset and nothing more.

I am confident every ally the USA has sought to build a relationship will be evaluated for it's assets, rather than it's loyalty and like minded values that prevent danger to our peoples. This form of relationship is standard operating practice of dehumanization that allows an emotional distance from sincere alliances.

I am confident the allies of the USA will find diplomatic measures to handle the inevitable insults to change direction in USA foreign policy. What is important are the relationships of the USA with it's allies that shall remain strong and strategic.

"W" threw out a vitally important missile treaty and in it's place a three page document that was to reduce the burden of reading and definitions and of course 'the fine print.' If we can get through an attack on the financial centers of the USA, an illegal and immoral war into Iraq and treaties treated as bothersome, I am confident the global community interested in peace and prosperity will weather this storm as well, albeit, somewhat more crude and inhumane.

January 18, 2017
By Nicola Lamb
...On Tuesday, (click here) German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: "We Europeans have our fate in our hands".
She was reacting to Trump's comments about Nato ("obsolete" but also "important"), the EU (prepare for Brexit sequels) and herself (made a "catastrophic mistake" about refugees).
In the same interview with the Times and Bild, Trump put Merkel on the same level as Russia's President Vladimir Putin, even though Berlin is a key US ally and Moscow is a difficult rival power, usually dealt with at arms length. "I start off trusting both but let's see how long that lasts," he said. "It may not last long at all."
Statements that were once seen as part of the tumble of campaign politics take on a different light when uttered by a man days away from being the leader of the free world. Former US ambassador to Nato Ivo Daalder tweeted: "Trump is more critical of Nato, EU, & Germany--all close allies--than he's ever been of Putin & Russia.

We're entering an upside down world." But Robin Niblett, the director of Chatham House, told the New York Times: "I take all of this with a pinch of salt. I think Trump is trying to keep his options open and not be cornered by simply standing up for existing policy positions."...