Thursday, January 05, 2017

James Woosley, Clinton's CIA Director is distancing himself from Donald Trump after being his advisor.

December 12, 2016
By Editor

James Woolsey: They have something called disinformation (click here) - dezinformatsiya - which is an interesting word because it basically means lie. And they have hundreds of thousands of people working on photoshopping photos, rewriting history. They've been doing this for a long time. They spend a lot of time and effort doing it. They do it with European political parties. But this dezinformatsiya stuff is very ugly, and they focus it on lots of different parts of the world....

I can't help believing that Mr. Woolsey was asked to back up Donald Trump in regard to the dissolving of the current intelligence agencies and he wouldn't. 



That is not English. That is Russian. Who was Mr. Woolsey trying to impress? 

Look, um, I don't believe dezinformatsiya is a secret. I am sure Russia knows dezinformatsiya is a misleading information. In case Mr. Woolsey forgot, President Putin is former KGB.

As far as I am concerned Donald Trump is CYAing. He has an excuse now should there be another attack of 911 dynamics. Donald Trump attempted to radically change the intelligence agencies in leadership and agents. The Republican Legislature didn't permit him to do this.

That is underhanded to say the least, but, the real reason Trump is seeking to end the leadership and agents of the USA intelligence is a matter of loyalty. When a Chief Executive Officer take over a corporation he/she likes to have allies and not people with their own agenda working for him/her. I think that is why Donald Trump would like to empty the intelligence agencies. It is a matter of loyalty.

Unfortunately, CIA agents and FBI agents don't grow in a garden. They become experts partly from their training, but, it is their experience that makes them priceless. It is impossible to simply empty the USA intelligence agencies without putting the country in danger. That is the problem with placing a CEO at the top of the federal government; they don't make decisions to benefit the people. CEOs like to place burdens on the people that purchase their product or service. CEOs make profit. The federal USA government is not in the business of making a profit. Not at all. The most dramatic demonstration of the error in that thinking is the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger.

The Challenger exploded because of the failure of O-rings in very cold weather. The Shuttle was never developed to make launches every two weeks There were scientists telling NASA there would be issues with the Shuttle O-rings should launches take place in cold weather. It wasn't a difficult observation to make, property of any metal or otherwise contracts under cold temperatures. YET, President Ronald Reagan administration vowed to make NASA profitable. Ronald Reagan was a Republican that drank the Cool-Aid. He believed the government was simply the largest corporation in the world. The launches every two weeks under Reagan was to create profitability.

Government is not interested in profit because it's specialty is governance to TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

The Shuttle program was using a reusable spaceship. IT WAS ALREADY CUTTING COSTS, but, producing no profits as a reusable spaceship. But, ideology was more important than the Shuttle Program.

The administration at NASA did remarkably well in sending up a Shuttle every two weeks. It was not the frequency of use that caused the explosion, it was the O-rings that failed in cold weather.

CEOs make horrible USA Presidents. That is a fact and not ideology.

See how one tiny mishap can spell disaster for one of the most complex machines ever engineered. (click here)