Monday, January 30, 2017

The immigration ban is isolationism based in irrational fear with political backing.

Osama bin Laden is dead. The attacks within in the USA have been from radicalized homeland terrorism. There is nothing the ban is going to stop. The ban is a very clever political decision to shift concern about the number of radically violent guns on the USA street. The ban backs up the Republican cronies.

January 30, 2017
By Farhad Manjoo

The presidency of Donald J. Trump (click here)) has been noteworthy for its speed. In his first week in office, as the president’s aides won’t tire of reminding us, Mr. Trump has already put in motion plans to do much of what he promised to do while campaigning.

But it’s not just the politician who is moving fast. It’s the population, too.

In a matter of hours on Saturday, thousands rushed to the nation’s airports, beckoned by tweets. The flash protests in response to Mr. Trump’s immigration ban, which continued to grow in many cities on Sunday, were as organized as they were instantaneous. Dispatched online, the protesters knew where to go, and they knew what to do once they arrived: to command the story by making a scene.

Mr. Trump feeds off media attention. Throughout the campaign, the bigger a spectacle he created, the larger he loomed in the public consciousness. What has been remarkable during the last two weekends is how thoroughly Mr. Trump’s own media personage was blotted out by scenes of protesters....

The ban is stating what the USA has done to date doesn't work and compromises national security. DONALD TRUMP is compromising national security for the homeland and for our allies.

Since the radical Ultra White has taken control of the Executive Branch:

January 30, 2017
By Emily Shaprio

Five people are in critical condition at a Quebec hospital (click here) this morning from a shooting at a mosque that killed six and injured eight others, according to hospital officials.
All of the victims from the Sunday night shooting at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre were men between the ages of 39 and 60, police said. One victim was Khaled Belkacemi, a professor at the University of Laval in Quebec, according to the university.

Police had said two suspects were in custody, but the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said later today that only one person detained is considered to be a suspect, and the second individual is now considered to be a witness....
As with every other terrorist incident in the West this is a domestic radicalized terrorist. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IMMIGRATION!

January 31, 2017
By Nelson Groom

New Zealand's most notorious gang (click here) the Mongrel Mob is on a violent collision course with Australian outlaw bikie clubs after invading the Northern Territory.
NT police are monitoring a newly established chapter of the gang, who have been pictured partying and wearing the gang's patches in Darwin nightclubs....

In Australia:

January 22, 2017
By Andrew Koubaridis, Debbie Schipp, Matt Young and Emma Reynolds

The man police (click here) believe is responsible for yesterday’s atrocity is Dimitrious “Jimmy” Gargasoulas, who was shot in the arm by officers after a 12-hour rampage and is being treated in hospital.
He will be charged with multiple homicides after four people were confirmed dead and 15 injured, with several of them still in a critical condition. The deceased include a man and woman in their 30s and a 10-year-old child.
Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said the incident was not terror-related but was linked to a stabbing that took place in Windsor early Friday morning involving parties known to one another.
Gargasoulas is accused of stabbing his brother Angelo outside their mother’s public housing apartment in Windsor at 2am on Friday, before going on an erratic journey across town and back with a stolen car.
It is alleged he took a woman, who is known to him, hostage in the Holden Commodore. She managed to escape on the Bolte Bridge. Attempts to pull the car over on the bridge had to be aborted because police felt the driving was too erratic...

January 28, 2017
By Rachel Olding

A radicalised white supremacist (click here) who was stockpiling homemade guns and weapons across Sydney had expressed an intention to commit a mass shooting at a popular Westfield shopping centre.

The disturbing case, uncovered by the Sun Herald, has highlighted the evolving threat posed by violent, right-wing extremism in Australia with experts warning against public complacency....

"Heil, Donald Trump!"

27 January 2017
By Alex Lantier

On January 21, (click here) the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as US president in Washington, a coalition of European far-right parties met in the German city of Koblenz to hail Trump’s installation in the White House.

Attendees included Marine Le Pen of France’s National Front (FN), Frauke Petry of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), Geert Wilders of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), Harald Vilimsky of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), and Matteo Salvini of Italy’s Northern League. They all treated the coming to power of a violently nationalist and protectionist regime in Washington as support for their own political aspirations in Europe.

The Trump administration has made clear that the cultivation of neo-fascists in Europe is a priority of its foreign policy. Trump has selected as his top adviser the white supremacist Stephen Bannon, who praised the FN during the presidential election campaign, and whose Breitbart News web site refers to the French New Right—the ideological basis of the FN—as a source of “inspiration.” He also hailed Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, Marine’s niece, as a “rising star.”...