Friday, January 27, 2017

President Trump may have a shred of deceny. The people of Flint have been traumazied enough...

...and then there are the Legionnaires deaths. There is a great deal wrong with what occurred in Flint, including the lack of water buffering and sanitation. The water treatment plant was never fitted with the measures necessary to make the Flint River water safe. The buffering is federally documented, but, the turbidity was not documented which raises many, many questions.

January 26, 2017
Mr. Johnston Oosting

Lansing – President Donald Trump’s administration (click here) conducted a brief review of Environmental Protection Agency grants but never ordered a “freeze” on new awards, a spokesman said Thursday, downplaying fears that pledged federal aid for the Flint water crisis could be jeopardized.
New grant awards “were never stopped, actually,” said Doug Ericksen of the EPA transition team. “Nothing was canceled, nothing was delayed.”
Reports earlier this week of a temporary halt for new grants and contracts were largely based on emails the administration had sent to agency staff. But Ericksen suggested the purported freeze was “highly exaggerated” by the media and “overzealous career employees” at the EPA....

There was also a death by suicide of one the water plant foreman. The necessary measures to buffer the water that would have prevented the lead from leaching into the water was not the responsibility of a foreman. Yet he is dead anyway. The entire reality was too much for him and he was not responsible for the children's poisoning or the deaths. He carried out his job.

You know, we all look for that one job that fits a life of happiness, opportunity and the American Dream. When all of a sudden a different reality hits people should not take it on themselves as the reason; there is usually something greater at work. A good job should never turn into a nightmare because of others' mistakes, hatred and negligence.

The necessary equipment to handle the sediment in the water due to turbidity was never even mentioned anywhere in any investigation. The turbidity is due to water flow into the intake pipe. It is my estimation at this point the intake pipe in Flint was receiving water from the immediate river flow as well as upstream headwaters. In addition to the headwaters, backflow water from the "Shiawassee River" was most likely part of that intake water.

It almost doesn't matter at this point where the water was being drawn from, except, in court cases perhaps. The turbidity varied due to the changing levels of the Flint River and any water recharge from upstream and downstream.

I wish all the people of Flint happiness as they can find it. Children are great sources of happiness and moving past the tragedy to see the real face of a child regardless the disability is pure joy. Children are innocent. They are a treasure for the heart.