Friday, January 27, 2017

No surprise here. Putin was completely ignorant about cyber hacking while Secretary Clinton's election was sabotaged.

Imagine that. The idiots that cooperated with Putin to hack the DNC are now being arrested and Putin is making a phone call to Trump on Saturday. 

Is it tomorrow in Russia yet? No yet. About six more hours.

Russia will provide an offer to Trump that it will allow American exploration of oil in the Arctic and there will be another reset. Astonishing development, right?

January 27, 2017
By Sheera Frenkel 

A series of surprising arrests (click here) of some of Russia's top cybersecurity figures has left the international cybersecurity officials and analysts wondering whether Russia is cleaning house of suspected spies, or going through an internal shakeup of the FSB, Russia's national security service.
At some point in December, Ruslan Stoyanov, a well-respected researcher with the Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab, and Sergei Mikhailov, head of the FSB's Center of information Security, were arrested by Russian police as part of what Russia's Kommersant newspaper described as a probe into possible treason. No date of arrest has been made public, though Kommersant reported that Stoyanov last logged into his private social media account on December 4, and Mikhailov on December 5. The Moscow-based Novaya Gazeta newspaper cited sources as saying Mikhailov was arrested during a meeting with other FSB officers in Moscow, and was taken from the room with a sack over his head....

Russia's refining sites, etc.

ExxonMobile is convinced they know about Russia than Russia does. I would be surprised if ExxonMobile didn't have completely different maps than these.
Natural resources map.

State ExxonMobile has more information for Russia allows it to frack and drill without any problems. When ExxonMobile comes up empty the only problem they have is catching a plane; while the Russia people will be left with mess including seismic activity where it never existed before.

This is part of the problem. The Russia people have a poor standard of life and a relationship with Russia based on exploitation of natural resources only increases the pollution the people are exposed to.

This is old news. The USA goes into a country, takes what it wants and does nothing to improve the lives of those in that country. China, Nigeria and Equator are good examples. This is typical Republican policy. Child labor? OK. Pollution? OK. Improve quality of life of the people in that country? Not our business. 

The story has been around forever.


NO. The USA is only interested in taking the money and running away.

February 19, 2017
By Armine Sahakyan

Guests staying at a modern hotel in Sochi, Russia, (click here) for the 2014 Winter Olympics recall signs in English next to their water faucets that read: “Do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous.”

Russia spent a staggering $50 billion on the games to impress the world but could not offer visitors a basic: clean water to drink or bathe with.

Sochi’s water is an example of the massive environmental degradation in the former Soviet Union that began in the 1920s when Josef Stalin ordered industrialization at all costs to catch up with the West.

An irony is that although the USSR took hundreds of thousands of environmental shortcuts while industrializing, it never did catch up.

The countries that emerged from the Soviet Union still haven’t caught up with the West, and their pollution continues unabated. The main reason is that, rather than modernizing their industrial and power production, which would increase efficiency and reduce pollution, most continue to use ancient, toxin-generating techniques and equipment — in industry, petroleum, mining and utilities.

As might be expected, the Mr. Big of the former Soviet U....