Thursday, December 15, 2016

The USA will not only lose it's dignity under Trump, it will forever be known as a country without a moral compass.

THE REASON Donald Trump is 'acting out' and carrying on with his children at meetings while he is President - Elect, is that he expects Congress to be as corrupt as he is. ie: "The Emoluments Clause" would require impeachment. Donald Trump fully expects Congress to look the other way and impeachment will never get off the ground. He is expecting the American electorate to provide the impetus to Congress to look the other way.

It isn't that Donald Trump is moral and a quality businessman, it is the unleashed pure power of corruption that he is counting on.

The real question is not will Trump break the law, the real question is, does it matter he breaks the law?

We now know why he has focused on China as an enemy. He owes China money and plenty of it. I am sure if China feels the wrath of President Donald Trump it will shrink at the mere thought of him and the arrangements will be made to service his loan differently. The power of his Secretary of State is heralded and the new friendship between China and the USA will be inspired.

How does Donald Trump create international thirst for his administration? Why not fill the cabinet with those that will carry out corrupt practices, which the petroleum industry is famous for, to gain leverage over other sovereign countries, ie: Russia and Exxon.

Let me say that again, Donald Trump has exhibited power over Russia for the corruption Putin added to the elections of 2016. There is no doubt about it. Trump called out for corrupt practices by Putin and he delivered. Trump has power over Russia. Trump's cabinet is lusted after by Putin. The "Panama Papers" is nothing compared to the underlying corruption between Russia and Trump.

14 April 2016
By Roland Oliphant

Millions of dollars funnelled (click here) through offshore companies owned by one of Vladimir Putin’s closest friends were used to buy rare musical instruments, including a cello once owned by Frederick the Great, the Russian president has said.

In his most detailed comments on the Panama Papers scandal to date, Mr Putin said recent revelations about the business interests Sergei Roldugin, who is the godfather to his eldest daughter, are “accurate” but do not reveal any wrong doing....

Is there anyone in Russia going to tell Putin he is a criminal? Of course not.

Donald Trump is counting on everyone, without except, to cower in the corner waiting for permission to speak and receive the good graces of the President of the USA. He is not a president, he is intimidator and chief. Oh, I forget, he is 'dealer and chief.'

I would never want to be a part of the Trump administration. There are no rules and breaking the law is SOP. People will be going to jail after a year or two of this mess.

No other heads of state will ever tell Trump he is breaking the law. He will be felling his way through anything and Exxon's CEO will expect to be above reproach. When international agreements have to be drawn up, who is going to know the rules? Who cares about the rules.

ie: Rumsfeld and Pakistan. Rumsfeld paid for the airspace into Afghanistan, Pakistan turned around and bought weapons from China and then China used the money to build more nukes pointed at the USA. And to add insult to injury, Osama bin Laden was living a few blocks away from the military academy. I don't know how many times I stated, "Where is bin Laden, Mushy, in the palace basement?" I underestimated the pure idiocy of American Presidents and their cabinet; bin Laden wasn't in a basement!

There was no place else for bin Laden to be. There was only one place he could be living, in Pakistan. He was wanted in every other country in the world. If he raised his head anywhere else, especially the Middle East, he would be a dead man. Pure process of elimination would point to Pakistan. Was he welcomed in Pakistan? Hell, no. But, the tribal areas were a place where any terrorist could find a cozy corner. No, one is going to tell me the leadership in the ISI or the civilian leadership didn't know bin Laden was there. Of course, they knew he was there. They didn't ruffle feathers in fear of having their car blown up on a bridge.

When a so called leader pretends to know what they are doing, there is huge problems brewing. Look at the "Axis of Evil" speech. Trump is a babe in the woods and every nation's leaders will take him on a ride into hell for the USA.

Donald Trump is counting on intimidation and power to make his administration successful. Ready for another spy plane loss?

I do not see a USA President with a White Supremacist on his staff as being welcome to any country, but, the USA will be welcome for what a country can get out of it.