Thursday, December 15, 2016

The continuing earthquakes of Oklahoma.

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The earthquakes in Oklahoma are so frequent there is a special section of reporting them in the Oklahoma media.

The new regulations. I'll be darn, the state of Oklahoma has passed regulations of fracking water. That is amazing. I thought regulations are the enemy with oil barons. 

November 7, 2016
By Matthew Philips

Sunday night's 5.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Cushing, Okla., is the latest and, in some ways, the most troubling in a series of temblors that has rocked the Sooner State over the past few years. Not only did it strike within a mile of what is arguably one of the country's most important strategic assets—Cushing is the largest crude oil trading hubin North America, with almost 60 million barrels of stored crude—but its occurrence raises questions over the state's ability to do anything about the significant rise in earthquakes, which has been linked to oil and gas activity.
While regulations limiting the underground disposal of wastewater have succeeded in reducing the overall frequency of earthquakes, they haven't been able to stop the really big ones from happening. And when they hit close to Cushing, they suddenly become an issue of national security....
Cushing, Oklahoma has the largest commercial oil storage facility. I stress commercial because it is not the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.