Thursday, December 29, 2016

President Obama has never been more correct, Russia is not trustworthy.

No one finds Donald Trump racist?

No one finds the profound disrespect Donald Trump exhibits to President Obama racist?

I do.

I also believer there is a strong probability of a nuclear release. The first strike will come from Russia while Donald Trump is lulled asleep by Russia's promises of riches. A President Clinton would not be asleep at the switch.

There are too many underlying tensions with Russia and China.

Moscow is playing both sides of the street. 

December 27, 2016
While Moscow supported the resolution, (click here) Russia’s Deputy Ambassador to Israel Alexander Dubrovin told Army Radio on Tuesday morning that his country tried to delay the vote but was opposed by the rest of the Security Council members....

I think Russia is confusing the global community for a reason. The Russian Deputy Ambassador is stating he tried to delay the vote to please Donald Trump. Russia supported the resolution, period. Playing games with the President Elect is the continued gaming Russia began with it's covert cyber connections with the Trump Organization when it was outlawed by sanctions.

Donald Trump wants to sooth over the idea he was a businessman when he was elected so any interest he and his family has in that business was understood when elected. Not. I haven't heard anyone I know say it is going to be interesting to watch the new President balance his responsibilities in the Oval Office with his business interests.

So, with Russia doing the bidding of Donald Trump at the United Nations' Security Council as a gesture of friendship, Russia's interference with the USA election to favor the outcome that occurred and it's aggression into Ukraine that escalated during the election process; one has to conclude there is a far greater premeditated agenda with Russia and it's hope to coddle the ego of Donald Trump.

Sorry, it just seems to scream traitor to me. I can't withhold a view about the power structure of the Oval Office. 

Try this on for size; Russia promised there would be no nuclear war if Donald Trump was elected, but, would occur if Hillary Clinton was elected. Russia should be running to the Oval Office to present non-proliferation to die for. Is that occurring? No. It isn't.

And by the way, if there was a real initiative for increased non-proliferation there would be far less tensions with Ukraine and a reason to return to peace between the two countries. 

Putin's justification for nuclear proliferation in fear of Ukraine, was to start an arms race with the USA to force every other nation in the world to surrender their nuclear capacity in recognition of their foolishness. Where has that ever worked?

One more time: I think Russia is confusing the global community for a reason.

I demand a return to Minsk II and a strong non-proliferation movement beginning with Russia.