Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mr. Trump, the campaign is over.

Donald J. Trump (click here)

The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capacity until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.

There is absolutely no way to know what the USA nuclear weapons look like. Donald Trump cannot possibly know what the USA nuclear capacity needs or doesn't need in the short period of time he has been President-Elect.

With this departure from sincere knowledge by Donald Trump and simply a statement of uninformed status of the USA, there is something far more disturbing than this statement alone.

My understanding is President Putin wants to increase it's nuclear arsenal in cooperation with the USA's increase capacity.

December 22, 2016
By Paul Mclear

In a year-end speech (click here) to his top military officers on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin threw down the gauntlet, declaring that the Russian military, emboldened by recent adventures in Syria and Ukraine, is ready to defeat any country that dares challenge it. “We can say with certainty: we are stronger now than any potential aggressor,” he proclaimed. “Anyone.”

He also made a pitch for bigger and badder nuclear weapons. Putin said Moscow must “strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces, especially with missile complexes that can reliably penetrate any existing and prospective missile defence systems.”...

This is about Ukraine. President Putin wants the USA to be a partner in securing and growing the war capacity of the nuclear Russia. This pandering to Trump and being his partner in facilitating the 2016 election is about replenishing Russia as a Superpower. President Putin is scared of Ukraine. He knows the capacity of that country and recent missile tests has Putin extremely insecure about his country.

Putin said something very odd, "If you elect Hillary Clinton there will be nuclear war, but, if you elect Donald Trump that won't happen." That won't happen because Putin fully expects Trump to be manageable.

President Putin is a foolish man. He believes increased nuclear capacity will solve Russia's problems with Ukraine. There cannot be a nuclear exchange across borders between the two countries. A nuclear exchange between Ukraine and Russia would destroy both countries.

President Putin and his own rebels in Crimea and at the border between Ukraine and Russia need to return to MINKS II.

The post Soviet states have been stating they believe President Putin wants to reclaim the Soviet Union. The would seem to be correct. There would be no other reason for Russia to escalate nuclear capacity. The USA is interested in non-proliferation and not increased danger to the world. When non-proliferation began the USA and Russia had incredible stockpiles that would destroy the entire population of the world many times over. It is unreasonable and foolish to return to that status. 

Mr. Trump is going to have to receive a sincere briefing about Russia and Ukraine as soon as possible IF HE WILL. The tensions that exist between Russia and the post Soviet states are real and palpable. I have no doubt Russia would rather 'feel secure' by invading lands that were once the Soviet Union, but, it is highly imprudent. 

Russia needs to stop being paranoid about the world in general. It's politics are horrible and highly nationalistic. Russia needs to return to treaties and peace priorities and not a return to war and nuclear proliferation.

During the "W" years, there was a refit to the USA nuclear capacity. That is not a return to proliferation. This demand for escalation of nuclear confrontation by Russia has to stop and peace agreements and non-proliferation returned to guarantee the lives of Russians inside and outside of Russia.

Donald Trump NEEDS an education as soon as possible. His statements are outrageous and hideously dangerous.