Thursday, December 22, 2016

I am kind of wondering who Ms. Conway is meeting with to assume responsibilites in the White House.

Kellyanne Conway stated yesterday she knew Trump was going to win the end of October 2016. I believe her.

Ms. Conway went through a transformation with this presidential campaign. She left her anorexia appearance behind and instead decided to appear healthy. She realized she was at the center of something far bigger than she or even Trump and became serious about her image.

If one was paying attention she had a different posture at the end of October. Call it confidence or call it the realization of an achievement, but, her posture in public had changed and she was calm; far more calm than she expected.

However, tonight it seems obvious she needs to take her position in the White House more seriously and maybe she will, but, she needs to read newspapers on a regular basis and be informed about events important to the people of the USA. She needs to move past her right wing preferences and begin to realize she has a very important role with the Oval Office and should be relied upon to information the President of current concerns of the American people. That is usually reflected in their newspapers.

I am sure Donald Trump already reads newspapers, being a business man. The demands of the Oval Office is unique and requires expert opinion and not simply populous opinion. I am sure Kellyanne Conway will adapt to her new job as she did with her appearance of wellness in the campaign.