Monday, December 19, 2016

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The Rooster


November 17, 2016
By Kelly Bostian

A Hillary Christmas (click here) would have been crazy, a repeat of Obama 2008 — on steroids — but the Trump Christmas season is quite reasonable, though some of that calm may be attributed to a decline in oil production.
That’s the story from gun shops around Tulsa this Christmas season, where the focus seems to have shifted from last year’s panic purchases of AR-style rifles and ammo, which people feared might soon be banned or highly regulated, to more practical purchases aimed at concealed carry and home defense.
“It hasn’t dropped off, from what we can tell, but the election was right before the holiday season, and it’s always busy,” said Sports World manager Chris Floyd. “It has shifted more toward these, though,” he added motioning to glass cases filled with handguns....