Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How deep does the Trump dung get before we all need shovels?

There have been no policy changes that impacted the economy since November 2016.

Wall Street increases are connected to the corruption anticipated with insider information and trading with Goldman Sachs appointees and nominations into the Trump administration.

It will be the best joke going when the insider information that would lend to insider trading doesn't happen because "Old Big Mouth" will be any Goldman Sachs employee to the punch to claim all earnings for himself; just like he is doing now.

It is a sincere concern there are Goldman Sachs employees working with this administration in the face of the 2008 collapse. It will happen again if they leverage in favor of speculation and derivatives. The gambling has to end and it would admirable if it ended through the ethical conduct of the executives that saw the last collapse through.

I remind, the real estate bundling is still occurring.

Consumer confidence is up because they have jobs, which will disappear under Trump's Department of Labor. It should be interesting to compare December 2016 to December 2017 and the condition of the middle class.