Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Boehner's invitation to Netanyahu to speak to the US House has nothing to do with the vote at the United Nation's Security Council. That is a petty complaint intended for lousy politics.

Interestingly, Boehner's invitation of Netanyahu, forced the right wing in Israel to turn out to put Netanyahu over the top in the elections. The extremists are the only voters in Israel that still wanted a Neocon as Prime Minister.

Borders are not usually a hotly contested issue with Israel. In 1982, Israel removed settlements and military posts from the Sinai Peninsula with great success and peace when the Prime Minister was Menachem Begin.

When the Prime Minister was Ariel Sharon in 2005 settlements were removed from the Gaza Strip. Hamas moved into the void as anticipated and began sending Katyusha rockets over the border in 2007.

The answer to this dilemma seems to be leadership and the ability of parties to carry out peace initiatives. Egypt was no more a friend of Israel than Palestine is today.

The problem between Palestine and Israel is the continued contraction of the West Bank. I've stated this before and it holds true today, the only Palestinian territory that hasn't contracted is the Gaza Strip. That is more than interesting while Israel states peace with Palestine demands a far more passive Hamas. I don't think that will ever be forthcoming as long as the West Bank continues to have land lost to Israeli settlements.