Sunday, November 06, 2016

It is time to fill in the holes.

Left is a vertical view from 2010 imagery showing the active mining of Bingham Canyon.

Below is something many people will recognize as a route by MapQuest.

To illustrate the dynamics that can be all to real, is Cushing, Oklahoma and the Bingham Canyon Cooper Mine west of Oklahoma. There is a difference in miles of 1183 and a little less "as the crow flies." The point is there is ever increasing instability in Oklahoma because of all the fracking wells and there is instability in Bingham Canyon, Utah. Yes, what I am implying is that as Oklahoma becomes less and less stable, it will contribute to other problems such as activity at the enormous hole in the ground valued for it's cooper.

I think USGS have priorities to set and the ever increasing potential of significant earthquakes across the North American craton is one of them. It is time to stabilize the craton and it can't happen soon enough. Gigantic holes in the ground like Bingham Canyon have to be looked at differently and as a catalyst to seismic activity that is harmful to the crayon.