Sunday, November 06, 2016

"Minecraft" is an entirely new take of masculinity. Who knew?

  • It's Sunday Night

  • Remember the "Golddiggers?" A show like that would not survive the first 15 minutes today.
  • The Golddiggers (click here) are an band of younger Girls in a troupe and as A Spin-off of _"Dean Martin Show, The" (1965)_ and _"Dean Martin Presents The Golddiggers" (1968)_. The 1971-1972 Variety Show presents Regulars, Guest Stars, Rock Stars & Others. All the Golddiggers can dance and sing a number of tunes as they play in sketches that ranged from "Gone With the Wind" to "Let's Make A Deal" and the show lasted for 2 seasons.
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  • But a show about the lives of Iranian miners might.

  • Pictures from Ebrahim Noroozi (click here) depict the grim reality of the coal miner in the remote Mazandaran province of Iran
  • Around 1,200 miners work across ten mines in the mountainous area more than 80 miles northeast of Tehran
  • More than 12,000 tonnes of coal is extracted each month, almost all of which is used in Iran's steel industry...

  • Who knew that a game about mining would be polluting the thinking of children? Does any child grow up to be a miner? Really? Why?