Thursday, November 10, 2016

During her 2008 run for the Presidency, Hillary Clinton self funded $1.3 million. How much of her campaign, especially during the primary, was self-funded?

The Trump Organization had contact with Russia long before the election through a secret cyber link that was illegal at a time when the USA had sanctions against banks and individuals in Russia. Why would it be a surprise that Russia wasn't going help their favorite son in the USA?

Now, realize that the FBI knew all that mess was going on especially during the 2016 elections and Comey sabotaged Hillary Clinton's campaign. Comey treasoned and couped the USA elections of 2016. 

The campaign is over. Donald Trump has no right to propagandize serious demonstrators against his election to the White House. This is the level of juvenile behavior the USA is going to get from the idiot? He really thinks he is a dictator. Well, he ain't! The demonstrators have a right to have their grievances heard through THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT. OMG. He is an idiot. More of an idiot than I thought possible. He has no dignity, except, the expensive suits he buys. He is crude and twitter is going to get a lot of activity, but, the rest of the business of the country won't!!! OMG. OMG. The man is an idiot. Ego. He is the worst egotist in the world. I suppose it is a good distraction to his illegal activity with Russia. 

Twitter will know the nuclear codes. Wait and see. 

The Republicans are not decent people. They have never been decent people. They will sabotage civilization in the USA, just for the hell of it. Just because they want to. They don't care about the country, they don't care about the people and if they want to carry out unthinkable measures with their power they will do it and they have an idiot in the White House that wants to tweet rather than govern. He'll let Congress know what will work for him on twitter. Does McConnell have a twitter account and a Smart Phone? He is going to need it.

"There are administrative mechanisms in place to protect the country from radical idiots?" My words, not anyone else's. Right. Keep your fingers crossed, too. The Republicans will carry out every unthinkable measure for the next two years because they are ZEALOTS!