Thursday, November 10, 2016

Donald Trump is a power broken in the worst sense. Nothing will change his approach because he believes otherwise is weak.

The Trump White House is corrupt before conceived. Donald Trump has no foreign policy. He will pander to Russia and set priorities of the Oval Office according to the influence of Russia. Russia will have an authority in the White House under Trump.

Donald Trump has no foreign policy. He has already stated he intends to use the power and clout of the USA to make other countries bend to his will to achieve a promised policy to the American people. That is not foreign policy or trade, it is isolationism and forcing alliances against the USA.

Donald Trump will compromise the USA's alliances while selling out to Russia. It is treasonous to allow another country to influence USA policy. 

Pence is all about social extremism to convert the USA to a theocracy. We know the Supreme Court has already stated women have the right to health care that includes contraception and abortion.

Pence is an economic lightweight. Basically, he has no clue. He took office in 2012. Do I need to say anymore?

Social issues are all decided in the courts. Basically, the Republicans will try to change the USA to please them. Expect a Marriage Amendment to make it to the states and the infrastructure is already there to force acceptance of such an amendment to ratify. It is time NOW to organize and push back NOW against the return of social and economic isolation of citizens. Russia will love the change.