Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pitting one American against another is unconscionable.

This is hate, plain and simple. There needs to be a safe place for young people to carry out their lives. A child who identifies as a different sex than their natural born gender have to be held in esteem for their needs to mature in an atmosphere of acceptance. 

October 29, 2016
By Ned Barrett
While North Carolina (click here) and its people face real problems, the top statewide campaigns have focused on phony fears, especially the campaigns of Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and Republican Sen. Richard Burr.
McCrory is now in his seventh month of telling us to be afraid of laws protecting the rights of transgender people. He signed House Bill 2 in March to roll back a Charlotte ordinance that granted what a majority of the legislature won’t accept – that transgender people should not be discriminated against. For good measure, the law also nullified local ordinances protecting people from discrimination based on their sexual orientation.
HB2 created such a storm of protest, voters aren’t hearing about other issues. There could be debates about jobs, education, environmental protections and how climate change seems to be washing away the state’s eastern half. But, no, we’re talking about bathrooms....

8 May 2016
By Anna Tremonte
This presentation simplifies gender identity development using two articles by Pollock, and Morgan (click here)