Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The country laughed the entire time the Republican debates went on and on and on. The entire country laughed as each one of the candidates fell to the wayside, except, for the billionaire Donald Trump.

The country is doing it again.

This so called racism brought me a little closer to understand the enormous bravery of Judge Curiel. No one should have to live with that level of danger in his or her life. He is doing a good job. 

But, Trump is correct and Judge Curiel probably knows he is correct in that a lawyer has to explore every opportunity to eliminate the liability within the complaint. If bring up a perceived conflict of interest would bring leverage to a better outcome, then the lawyers have to generate the paperwork to attempt that path to end the lawsuit.

Personally, I am quite sure Judge Curiel is a great man. He is brave beyond anything a judge should have to sustain to live his or her life. I do not believe Judge Curiel was bringing bias or worse to the proceedings regarding Trump University, but, the fact remains Donald Trump and his lawyers have every right to explore all avenues available to them.

Donald Trump has to get used to separating himself from his businesses.

It gets really ugly in a courtroom. I remember when my Ex decided he was going to be a responsible adult and pretend he actually had interest in the children. What he had interest in was ending his liability in child support. But, the things he said about me would set anyone's hair on fire. At one point the Judge asked me if I was offended by some of the statements made. He had me running guns and dealing drugs and participating in white slavery. Go figure. Previous to the break up those words never existed in our marriage. Considering I was raising two young children by myself at that point, the Judge probably was worried I would get upset and might draw one of those guns I was running.

There was absolutely nothing to back up those accusations and I received sole custody of the children. Hello? 

There is a lot of mess that goes on within lawsuits. The American public was allowed to look into the strategy of Trump University and it is simply an ugly thing. 

I want Americans to ask themselves, "Would I dismiss an opportunity to prevent paying a single dime to any complainant?"

In all honesty, until this last order, Judge Curiel probably was enjoying an easy week in court. This case is probably one of his more boring cases. Calm even.

That aside Americans need to make up their mind about the elections of November 2016. They need to consider it with brevity and what is sincerely good for themselves and THEIR country. No Congressperson owns this country to do as they please. This is OUR country.