Tuesday, May 24, 2016

On the domestic side:

Evidently Donald Trump is bringing up some personal problems the Clintons have a history with as a significant problem for the future of the USA.

It seems as though the media is stuck in the 'talking Trump' mode for days on end now, so I figured I'd give it some thought. I said some thought. Believe me this Trump dilemma is far less a problem for me than the media. You will find on this blog at the beginning of the day serious issues that are far more perplexing than Bill and Hillary's future personal problems.

To begin with Vince Foster is a very sad situation. He was a close friend to the Clintons and he went to Washington, DC with them. I sincerely believe the scandal of "White Water" was instrumental in his self inflicted death. The Clinton White House was immediately entrenched with all sorts of mess at the beginning of their first term leading the USA. There was "Travel gate" which has nothing to do with TSA. 

But, I read about the tragic loss of Vince Foster and I sincerely believe he was overwhelmed by the reality of Washington, DC blood sport. I hope his family is settled today after this death so long ago. But, I don't blame the Clintons for this unfortunate death.

There is the sex scandal that lead to impeachment. If Bill finds himself compromised with a woman other than his wife, he should do his level best to realize what he has in the bed next to him in Hillary Clinton.

That said, if Hillary starts defaming women she may feel Bill is involved with, it will take up time that belongs to the country. She needs to prioritize her time to balance dealing with personal issues outside the business of the country.

Now as far as Bill being an embarrassment to her since he won't be baking cookies with his time as "First Gentlemen," I'd think of it as President Carter regarded his brother Billy. Billy made Billy's Beer and it made him appear somewhat useful to the country. Chin up, Hill.

And as far as Donald Trump being preoccupied with the POTENTIAL of the Clinton's personal problems being a burden to the country, I suggest he read some of the entries on my blog for some grounding in real concern.