Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Impeachment of the IRS Commissioner is a political stunt by the Republicans.

Rep. Darrell Issa is not an attorney. He is prosecuting the case.

Rep. John Conyers is an attorney and he is stating there has to be an investigation of Rep. Jason Chavetz's numerable subpoenas. 

Chavetz does not have a case. Automatically the Congressional oversight process has been used to overwhelm the IRS with subpoenas. There are over 500 subpoenas that Chavetz is citing as the reason for the impeachment. That is ridiculous. 

The IRS Commissioner has work to do today, which might be completing the audit of Donald Trump and could not be at the hearing today. It is impossible to answer over 500 subpoenas and continue to FUNCTION as a leader in the department. This charge for impeachment is nonsense. Chavetz has demanded a large number of subpoenas be answered while the US House has cut the budget to the IRS. The charges are baseless because it is impossible to carry out all responsibilities of the office of Commissioner while trying to balance answers to over 500 subpoenas. 

Rep. Jason Chavetz needs to be investigated for at the very least unethical practices of gaming the system to achieve a political act.

There has been 160 thousand man hours and  $20 million US spent on the investigation of the IRS by the FBI on behalf of US House. At the conclusion of the House investigation it was decided the IRS did not destroy documents or misdirect their activities. There were no crimes committed.

It is abuse of power by Chavetz and quite frankly the waste of the FBI's time and House monies might be his downfall in any reelection. By successfully impeaching the IRS Commissioner; it would act to save his standing for re-election. Chavetz is corrupt.

Is there any aspect of the government that operates with some sufficiency? 

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