Monday, August 07, 2017

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Better yet, let's look to the FCC filings regarding "Trump TV."

August 7, 2017
By Shawn Langlois

Straight, (click here) unbiased news or the type of propaganda Kim Jong Un would be proud of? That probably depends on what you think of Donald Trump.

Kayleigh McEnany, previously known as a pro-Trump political pundit for CNN, announced her departure from the network on Saturday with this tweet:..

There is a far bigger picture that involves the inappropriate use of the FCC. First Trump uses the FCC to try to control free speech in the media. The most high profile personality to be attacked by the FCC was Steven Colbert.

Then there is the protestations of Brookings:

July 11, 2017
By Tom Wheeler

There is no other industry (click here) in the world like broadcasting,” the CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Gordon Smith told his annual convention. “No other industry has, at its core, such an overarching focus on bringing communities together and serving the public good,” Smith opined. “No other media industry is as dedicated to supporting our local communities.”

That “overarching focus” on “serving the public good” is being stealthily watered down, with the industry’s support, by the Trump Federal Communications Commission. In little-noticed decisions, the agency has been removing regulatory requirements to protect broadcast localism, shield a diversity of local voices, and avoid the establishment of a dominant national broadcaster....

There needs to be a public accounting for Trump Television. There also needs to be equal time offered by a channel set up to promote Trump's agenda. 

This is still the odd and threatening world we face with Donald Trump controlling the Executive Branch. The President, by nature of the office, has a megaphone whenever he/she requests it. The media is obliged to consider the requests of the President to speak to the people when it is vital to do so. The addition of a "Trump Channel" is a worry to the traditional relationship between the President and the media.

I find it odd that the anchor is from a cable channel known to have a political focus, CNN. I don't know if this is a gift to Ms. McEnany to win her affections, GIVEN HIS REPUTATION WITH WOMEN, or if this is serious news.

The Trump Channel is somewhat not a surprise, is it? The "Lame Stream" media has been a focus of frustration for the constituency of the Republican Party. This is a political party that has complained about the media for decades. So, Trump TV is not putting up with the ? tilt ? of the mainstream media.

The Trump Channel reminds me of the other million-billionaires with their own media, such as "O." In realizing how paranoid Trump is about rivals he created his own channel simply to compete with Oprah before she announces. I am serious. There are people that see Oprah as a sincere option as a candidate, hence, "Trump TV."

The ego is bigger than anyone wants to speak to when it comes to the paranoia of 'keeping the office.' Trump has a real reason to 'keep the office' and primarily because his private concerns, including the In-laws, finds success while he is in office. He also believes the country has a transition to achieve that can't be carried out in four years. Those transitions is to remove obstructionist Republicans from his agenda, too.

I think Trump TV is a dangerous political channel that can direct the country no different than any other TV channel within the menu of Americans.

Are there commericals?

Are there rivals on the air? 

Is the news exploited for his private concerns?

Is his family promoted as authorities?

And WHAT IS BEING PROMOTED about the "All White" White House? The "Alt Right" now has their own platform to find ways to launch a greater influence. I find the Trump TV a real threat that will promote racism in it's priorities. After all, there are many ways to vanquish rivals and I don't see Oprah being asked to be anchor of Trump TV.