Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I never thought a USA President would terminate highly qualified people from important federal agencies, but, it is happening.

The people being fired are at this moment filing grievances with their unions and they will be back. Government employees at any level, federal, state or local, are usually represented by unions to protect them from vicious politics like that of Donald Trump. So, what this boils down to is a political dog and pony show for the constituents of "Mean People." I have nothing against dogs and ponies, just mean people.

These employees are not being fired, they are being purged. 

It would seem as though the goal of the Trump administration is to defund all the agencies they don't like by at least one third every year from the federal budget until they are gone at his re-election campaign. It would be interesting to begin to think outside the box to realize there may be no EPA, Interior Department, except for the lease department, Department of Education, Labor, Energy or Agriculture. The area outside the box is going to have to wait, because, here again Mr. Trump and his Executive Branch are acting against the USA Constitution.

The Executive Branch Cabinet was established in Article Two, Section Two of the US Constitution and again in Amendment 25. Need I say more?

But, the US Congress can defund the departments and make them completely ineffective. I also believe that is unconstitutional and anti-American. Please know that is also not going to happen either because Congress persons are complaining to the Secretaries of the agencies they are creating problems in the country by advocating defunding of the department in the next US Budget for fiscal year 2018.

Honestly. Trump and his cabinet actually thinks they can make fools of people and expect them to vote for him again in 2020? I don't think so.