Thursday, February 09, 2017

I believe the Trump travel ban serves the Ultra White's agenda in making the USA a white christian country.

Trump's travel ban is based in religion and not ethnicity. Any passage of the travel ban by the Supreme Court is a direct attack on the First Amendment and the freedom of religion.

February 9, 2017

A Los Angeles (KABC) - A Los Angeles man (click here) is outraged after he says his girlfriend, who has a valid visa and is not from one of the seven countries listed in the travel ban, was wrongfully detained and deported....

The exclusion of MUSLIM is the focus of the executive order. If that executive order is allowed to stand it will give permission for the USA to exclude any religion it wants. 

I do not believe Muslim used in the Executive Order was a mistake.

The order by FDR after the attack on the USA was directed against A SOVEREIGN POWER. Japan attacked the USA and we were at war with them when the Japanese were put in detention camps. I am not saying it is correct, but, there was a far different focus and context of the Japanese Camps. They were not deported either.

Bush v. Gore was suppose to be a one time order. It has been used again and again. If this travel ban is upheld there is nothing that can stop the banning of any religious identity in the world. What next Hindu, Buddhist, any minority religion?

The best reason I have to believe this is a priority of the Ultra White is the fact there have been no foreign nationals that have attacked the USA since September 11, 2011. There is no real reason for Trump to do this, except, for the agenda of those that voted and funded him. There is no valid reason. 

Fort Hood was a Palestinian with a dual citizenship. Palestine is not listed. 

The attackers of September 11, 2001 were Saudis. Saudi Arabia is not listed. 

The shooter in Orlando was a Palestinian with a dual citizenship.

The San Bernardino murders were carried out by an American and his wife from Saudi Arabia. 

What has being Muslim got to do with this? If USA intelligence cannot point to specific people that will cause these tragedies it is the problem with more than Muslims, it is a problem with USA intelligence and the number of guns on the street.