Friday, August 04, 2017

This should be on a newsreel.

I don't know where to start. On July 28, 2017 a federal appeals court ruled that the people of Flint, Michigan can sue the State of Michigan for allowing lead contamination in their water supply. On August 1, the federal EPA forgave the $20 million indebtedness of Flint, Michigan. OnAigust 2, 2017 there was 4 inches of rain in Flint causing the sewers to back up with rain water runoff into the streets. Also on August 2, 2017, US District Judge David Lawson ordered Troy based attorney Paul 
Manicotti to facilitate an agreement between Flint and the State of Michigan regarding the future sources of Flint's water. Universal EMS has closed in Flint. When I was a kid there were volunteer ambulance and fire personnel. And lastly the Democratic candidates for Hovernor will debate in Flint.