Tuesday, August 01, 2017

I never did get to Kyoto Protocol on Monday. Someone reminded me there was a party to attend. 

It was a nice party. A good party. All the elements of a party. Like BELONGING! I had a good time.

That is what is wrong with the Democratic Party, few and few people believe like they belong there.

It was 2004 and the country was becoming disillusioned by the illegal invasion into Iraq. Remember that? Guess what Michael Moore was doing?

...The Fahrenheit 9/11 (click here) scenes showing unabashed patriot Lila Lipscomb's reaction to her son's death in Iraq are difficult to watch....

He was documenting a mother's pain. Did the Democrats latch onto it and realize the country was hurting in a way it never did before? At least since Vietnam. No, they ostracized Fahrenheit 911 while "USA Today" today said, "Gee, I think there is something to this guy." (my words, not theirs). USA Today was bigger than words, they gave him credentials to attend both conventions and a column in their daily.

So, where are we today? The crime network out of the White House is breaking up. Scarlutchi, or however you spell it, is out because he is a tough guy with a dirty mouth, "...what the F...?"

Trump is denying he ever coached his son and someone is saying he did. Well, if there is validity to it, then this is a good sign. The colluding family is beginning to realize Daddy holds the reigns of power, BUT, he does not enforce the law. When a crime family breaks up it always starts by dividing into camps. Somehow the accusation and denial is too good to be true.

Priebus is unemployed. Interesting. He has probably returned to Wisconsin, the only state he was sincerely able to control.

Another general in the White House. Really? I hope he realizes this is the White House and not the Pentagon.

John Kelly, did I get that right? Kelly. Irish, isn't he? He has a good middle name, Francis, like the Pope. He has had an incredible career, Marine, Quantico, Southern Command, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Georgetown and Homeland Security. Wow.

John Francis Kelly is going to make a heck of a good President.

July 31, 2017
By Ryan Lizza

...The sacking of Scaramucci signals that Kelly, (click here) a retired marine general, may actually be empowered to be a true chief of staff. There was no bigger test for Kelly than the fate of Scaramucci, who, in his Wednesday phone call, demanded that I reveal my sources for a trivial tweet about who the President had dinner with that night, threatened to fire his entire staff if I didn’t, alleged that he had called the F.B.I. to investigate his White House rivals, attacked Reince Priebus as a “paranoid schizophrenic,” and described Steve Bannon as engaging in auto-fellatio....

Trump says he won't give up "Twitter" because it is the only way to get the truth out. With General John Francis Kelly as Chief of Staff at the White House all that has changed. Donald should have confidence in General Kelly to deliver the messages necessary to his new press secretary.

...Kelly explained that he had spent a great deal of time talking through the issue with Trump, and he believed he had convinced the President that he didn’t actually need to build a physical wall along the entire nineteen-hundred-mile-long border between the United States and Mexico. Instead, the use of sophisticated monitoring technology, air surveillance, and fencing could secure the border with what Trump could start calling a “barrier.”...

There is still the issue of "The Transparent Wall" so the drug cartels can't build up a militia on the other side without the USA knowing it. So realizing Shamu would have to sacrifice his tank for the good of the country the idea of transparency for this White House may be out of the question.

See, Trump knows something about transparency that Obama never figured out; it feeds inflammatory rhetoric at FOX.

Trump always knows 'an alternative narrative' (click here) other than law enforcement is best.
The only problem with this alternative narrative is that there is a man dead the authorities state is nothing more than a home invasion.

I strongly suggest the truth be told about Seth Rich, an American, very soon. The news agencies should be interested to make this an issue that requires that intense focus. This is a dead man, not a political volley.