Sunday, July 02, 2017

Kyoto continued...

... I am about to enter into another branch of Kyoto. Not any less important than what has been covered so far. In order to understand this branch and the need to control methane WHEREVER it occurs I strongly felt a review of 'the science' was important. I concentrated on that review this evening. It should help bolster the facts with those that already understand them and introduce sound principles AND scientific law for those that are not familiar with the science.

Global Warming, the Climate Crisis or any other vernacular one cares to call it; is real and effects life on Earth. It is important to understand emissions of these greenhouse gases have to be controlled to improve and stabilize the quality of life of all life on Earth.

It is hideous to believe it can wait until tomorrow. Get rid of the idea fossil fuels can be used without reverence to Earth FIRST. GET RID OF IT. Fossil Fuel is poison to our planet. Just that simple. It will be poison for a long time to come. Fossils were buried along time ago and it was the best idea God every had. It was not man's place to take control of God's plan.

The ultimate climate scientist is god. God has brought forward in a tiny corner of the Milky Way Galaxy (click here) a place human beings can call home. God's physics is to be understood, that is why there is science. We need to appreciate Earth and embrace it as our gift of life. That is what Earth is no matter the god or absence of god. Earth is a gift of life. You did not create it nor did I. Get over the idea just because one is born an Earthling it entitles everyone to own the third rock from the Sun. We don't own anything about Earth, we are simply travelers on it's surface, in constant motion.

Human beings want to duplicate Earth's physics in seeking out an outpost in outer space. That is impossible. Earth's biological processes are far more intricate than anyone wants to realize. However, discovering a stable planet that accommodates Earth's biology is possible and my hat is off to those scientists that focused on exactly that.

Resettlement to another galaxy, another planet is a huge and dangerous voyage. The guarantees must be in place in order for any scientist to dive into speculation of the possibilities.

Earth and it's place in the universe is not imagineering. Earth is real. The problems we face on Earth are real. We need to get it right. We need to get all of it right.

3 August 2016
By George Monbiot

What is salient is not important. (click here) What is important is not salient. The media turns us away from the issues that will determine the course of our lives, and towards topics of brain-melting irrelevance....