Sunday, July 02, 2017

In understanding why other greenhouse gases than CO2 are even on the list of greenhouse gases is to understand why Earth is warm.

"Infrared radiation and planetary temperatures" (click here)

"In a single second, Earth absorts 1.22 X 10 ^17 joules..." 

One joule is equal to 0.0003 watthours or 0.000291587 kilocalories. One kilocalories is what Americans and others think of as "a calorie."

The article goes on to explain that if Earth didn't COOL that level of energy absorbed over millennia would end the ability of Earth to support life. But, Earth supports life so that isn't the problem UNLESS Earth's mechanisms don't work.

A scholar by the name of Joseph Fourier found the way Earth cooled was through electromagnetic radiation. If you want to challenge that idea for the purpose of petroleum profits it would require a rewriting of mathematics back to it's inception. Fourier is as dedicated a mathematician and scientist than ever found. He measured himself at the age of 21 against Newton and Pascal, whom had their own historic recognitions in finding CONSTANTS on Earth; ie: the Newton (click here) and the Pascal (click here). Fourier was an award winning mathematician by the age of 15.

Known quote of Fourier at the age of 21: Yesterday was my 21st birthday, at that age Newton and Pascal had already acquired many claims to immortality.

I have to mention the basis of the climate crisis because it was discovered and realized through mathematical and scientific investigation by brilliant people. The petroleum industry wants to use their findings for political purposes to enhance their profits. So, basically, the very basis of science and math are under chronic attack by Wall Street profiteers. Why is that tolerated? Because the commodities of oil and gas are FLUID and create a great deal of liquidity for the financial sector. Investments into long term infrastructure/merges that remove jobs, takes liquid assets away from financial organizations. Commodities, including currencies trading, result in trades that are far more frequent and short term equating to 'ready cash.' Oil and gas are an addiction to the Wall Street Financial Sector for that reason.

But, as to greenhouse gases and Earth's ABILITY to cool. Fourier in his calculations found that Earth's atmosphere interfered in the escape of electromagnetic radiation of Earth in its atmospheres. He discovered that greenhouse gases encourage the warming of Earth WHILE electromagnetic radiation mitigated it's way to outer space.

Fourier launched an entire branch of science to understand Earth, otherwise known as Home, however, it wasn't until the 20th century, "Earth Science" was a focus. Fourier launched the observation and thirst for knowledge about Earth, but, did not consolidate ALL the branches of science required to understand the impact of those greenhouse gases on life itself. It was the early 1900s, which had already sustained 20 years of the Industrial Revolution, that brought out a philanthropic interest in Earth. Henry Ford, while inventing the horseless carriage, also stated Earth was to be a concern because of the emissions of greenhouse gases. Hence, where we are today with this same concern.

The physics of the climate crisis is then understood in a long standing branch of science call "thermodynamics." To be specific the climate crisis falls into the conversion of energy from potential (gas) into kinetic (work). The Second LAW of thermodynamics.

"The Second Law of Thermodynamics" (click here) 

The climate crisis is defined in 'the transfer of heat.' I have stated in more than several occasions "Heat Transfer System." It is based in the Second Laww of Thermodynamics.

...Clasius, Kelvin, and Carnot proposed various forms of the second law to describe the particular physics problem that each was studying. The description of the second law stated on this slide was taken from Halliday and Resnick's textbook, "Physics". It begins with the definition of a new state variable called entropy.Entropy has a variety of physical interpretations, including the statistical disorder of the system, but for our purposes, let us consider entropy to be just another property of the system, like enthalpy or temperature....

There is only pretending for the petroleum industry that the climate crisis is not real. It is based in rock solid laws of science and mathematics. The only branch of any social science the petroleum industry has is "commercial advertising." The type of DENIAL SCIENCE in commercial advertising should be widely published in Social Science journals and eliminated from any commercial design in the world.

If products require DENIAL to sell, then they can't possibly be benevolent in their intent.