Sunday, June 04, 2017

Europe has a right to be recognized internationally for it's civilization and it's importance in history.

There is no cultural divide. There is no hatred. The West and the Muslims all over the world have loved and respected each other for centuries.

June 4, 2017
By Steven Erlanger

...In a matter of minutes, (click here) the three assailants were chased down by eight armed officers who fired about 50 rounds, killing the men, who wore what appeared to be suicide vests but subsequently proved to be fake. One member of the public also sustained nonfatal gunshot wounds, the police said....

The authorities response was very fast, but, they don't read minds. They are dedicated to the safety of their citizens. There are massive numbers of armed guards in Great Britain.

June 4, 2017
By Anthony Lane

The night (click here) that a terrorist attack at London Bridge and Borough Market killed seven and injured dozens, counterterrorism forces assembled near the scene.

Now will come the hunt and arrests. We all know what is happening here. It is The West's embrace of freedom and culture that has to survive through the assault on it.

This is not about Muslims killing Europeans, it is about international killers and how to stop them. I am confident there are Muslims killed in these attacks as well. They were killed on 911, too. It is not about Muslims, it is about civilization and how we protect it.

These attacks are stated to be carried out because of Islam. That is a lie.

These are international cowards that will never claim the after life. They kill women and children and are not soldiers in a battle. They kill the elderly. They have no respect for life. They have spell binding power in the methods of fear and carnage. That is not a war. That is desperation of the leaders of these killers to continue to exist and live. They don't want to die. They send their underlings to kill while they feast.

...The assault came days before national elections this week and after the British government had downgraded the threat level to “severe” from “critical,” meaning that an attack was highly likely, but not imminent....

I am sure "critical" emergency designations tie up traffic, slow trains and makes life fairly miserable.

So what.

Such extremism is often fueled by perceived hatred by society. Segregation is an enemy and Prime Minister May is speaking out about such problems. There are still problems within Great Britain the people have to address. Are there people within the UK considered second class citizens? It needs to be addressed by society.

No segregation or other social ill is a reason for such hatred and murder. There are no excuses. The people did not deserve this. The class struggle must end and citizens of the UK and Europe must address their common enemy, from economic deprivation to education to religious acceptance such issues need to dissipate in countries of equality. These social ills provide a breeding ground for the extremism and it works. It is up to the people to eliminate the breeding ground and provide for equal opportunity for all their people.