Tuesday, June 13, 2017

So let me get this right. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch said there would not be charges against Hillary Clinton and guess what?

There hasn't been.

There was no there, there. Why should a presidential candidate for president be attacked over charges that were never going to happen including any affiliated with the Weiner computer.  

June 11, 2017
By Victoria Guida

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (click here) on Sunday said Congress should look into former FBI Director James Comey’s revelation that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked him to downplay the nature of his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, Comey said Lynch had asked him to refer to the probe as a "matter" rather than an investigation, an exchange that he said made him feel queasy.

This is more of the same of the type of harassment the Clintons have had to sustain over their entire careers.

Evidently, the steely eyed look of Loretta Lynch is more telling than the facts.

Loretta Lynch is the most qualified attorney in the country. She is also a controversial figure with the Republicans because she was the US Attorney that took on the cover-up of the brutal police force under Rudy Giuliani's administration.

August 9, 2007
By Sewell Chan

Ten years ago today, (click here) a 30-year-old Haitian immigrant named Abner Louima was arrested and sodomized with a broomstick inside a restroom in the 70th Precinct station house in Brooklyn. The case became a national symbol of police brutality and fed perceptions that New York City police officers were harassing or abusing young black men as part a citywide crackdown on crime.  

The case also marked the beginning of the unraveling of Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani’s relationship with the black community in New York. That relationship would deteriorate even further, after the police shot two unarmed black men, Amadou Diallo in February 1999 and Patrick Dorismond in 2000....

The Republicans are afraid of her. They postponed her nomination to Attorney General for two months after Former Attorney General Eric Holder resigned to private practice after a highly distinguished career in service to the USA. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is above reproach and her testimony is more about securing the information regarding Russia than any inappropriate discussion with Comey.

The fact Comey was out of line in the Attorney General's office only is more testament  to his complete disrespect and disdain he had for her in regard to any Clinton outcome. It is why he stepped out of line and impacted Clinton's campaign in addition to the Russian impact. Two powerful women was just too much for him to swallow. If Hillary Clinton were elected there is a good chance the current Attorney General Loretta Lynch would have been asked to stay on.